Weekly Florida Bible Institute Lessons


  Weekly Florida Bible Institute Lesson 

     LESSON          AUDIO MP3          NAME  

FBI-2.1                FBI 2.1    The Doctrine Of God    
FBI-2.2                FBI 2.2    The Doctrine Of God Pt-11  
FBI-2.3                FBI 2-3    The Doctrine Of God Pt-111   
FBI-2.4                FBI 2.4    Jesus As God Pt-1    
FBI-2.5                FBI 2.5    Jesus As God Part-2  
FBI-2.6                FBI 2.6    God, The Holy Spirit
FBI-2-7                FBI 2-7    God The Holy Spirit His Emblems

FBI-2-8                FBI 2-8    The Holy Spirit - His WorkFBI
FBI 2-9                FBI-2-9    The Holy Spirit - The Fruit Of                                      

FBI 2-10              FBI-2-10  The Holy Spirit -Hinderances

FBI 2-11              FBI-2.11  The Doctrine Of God - His Name Part-1
FBI 2-12              FBI-2.12  The Doctrine Of God - His Name Part-2

FBI 3.1                FBI-3.1    The Life Of Jesus -His Birth
FBI 3.2                FBI-3-2    The Early Years

FBI 3.3                FBI-3.3     The Life Of Jesus The Early Years Part-1               

FBI 3.4                FBI-3.4     The Life Of Jesus The Early Years Part-2
FBI-3.5                FBI-3.5     The Early Years The Sermon On The Mount Part-1
FBI-3.6                FBI-3.6     The Early Years The Sermon On The Mount Part-2      

FBI-3.7                FBI-3.7     Jesus And His Ministry The Healing Of The Paralytic

FBI-3.9                FBI.3.9     Jesus Christ The Son Of Man  And The Missio

FBI 3.10 Pt 1       FBI3.10    The Last Hours Part-1  
FBI 3.10.Pt 2      FBI 3.10    The Last Hours Part-2
FBI 3.11              FBI 3.11    Jesus Christ, His Resurrection From The Dead
FBI 3.12              FBI 3.12    Jesus Christ, His Ascension And Return