Florida Bible Institute
Level One

Lesson Two
"God and Man Before The Fall"
Answer Key

I.    The Bible Gives Us the Details of Creation   

1.     Day One.

2.     Day Four

        (1)    Your Response

3.     God divided the light from the Darkness, instantly.

4.     The Believer, as a Child of God is a "Child of Light".  Christ Jesus indwells every Believer, and as such,
        we are to have no "fellowship with darkness" (Eph 5:11) but, rather to let our light so shine, allowing Christ Jesus to
        manifest Himself in us and through us, so that those around us can see by our lifestyle, and hear by our
        witness and tstemony, that we are Children of God.

5.     In Gensis 1:11 - 12, and 1:20 - 22, we discover that each species "reproduced after it's own kind". we
        as Believers, should be submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis so that His life can be revealed
        in us and through us, we should be witnessing to others in order to win them to Christ, thus being
        involved in "reproducing after our own kind".

6.     God created man on the sixth day, (Genesis 2:7)
7.     God did not create man until he had completed a perfect universe and environment for His
      "perfect man".

8.     Man was created from the "dust from the ground". (Geneisis 2:7)

9.     Man became a "living soul" when God "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life". Man not only "has a
       soul but man is a living soul.

10.    God created Eve, (woman), from a rib of Adam.  The Hebrew word for "rib" is  "tsela" meaning,
       flesh, bone, blood, sinew etc. In other words, God created Woman from the same substance as Man.

11.     God said, "...let us make man in our image after our likeness..." (Gen 1:26), thus man was created with
        some of the same characteristics as his Creator, God Himself. Man has emotions, the ability to reason
        deductively and inductively, to engage in abstract thought and with a sense of self existence. Thus, God
        made man much like Himself but, lacking the fulness on HImself.

12.     You can best fulfill Gods desire for you as His Child as outlined in Isaiah 43:7, by maintaining a heart of
        thanksgiving and live a life in submission to His will, in obedience to His Word.