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                                                        The Fall of Man
Did You Ever Wonder

                                        Why No One Had To Teach You to Lie?

Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:1 - 3:24

Memory Verse: Romans 5:12

Introduction: Man in his original created state had a sinless nature -- there was
no "natural inclination to sin". No lie had ever crossed his lips. No profanity
had ever sullied his vocabulary. His eyes had never witnessed anything evil,
wicked or unclean, for such things did not exist in his environment.

He had never known the walking death of alcoholism, drug addiction, or nicotine
addiction. There was nothing in him that would cause him to curse the very God
who created him, nor to kill his neighbor, or steal from a friend. There was nothing
in his nature that would cause him to abuse his wife or his child.

And, God would visit with His created being man.  Man enjoyed full, complete, unbroken fellowship with God - they were in perfect
harmony, man and God. So what happened?

Man, by a deliberate act of his will, destroyed it all through disobedience -
through rebellion against the known will of God. How tragic, "The Fall of Man,"
how marvelous, "The Grace of God".

As you complete the following work consider carefully each question and your
answer to the same.

I.     Man in His Original Environment

1.     According to Genesis 1 and 2, what type of environment did God create for
        Adam and  Eve?

2.     Was there anything about their environment that you think could have led to
         the sin of Adam and Eve? (  ) Yes   (  ) No. If you answered yes explain your
         reason for doing so.
3.     Having placed all of the plant and animal kingdom under Adams dominion,
         why do you think God placed "one tree" in the Garden of Eden from which
         Adam and Eve were told not to eat?

4.     What was the "one tree" in the Garden of Eden from which Adam were
         commanded not to eat?

5.     What was the penalty if they ate of the forbidden tree?

6.     Compare Genesis 3:22 and Romans 5:12 with Genesis 2:17, then explain
         what kind of death God refered to when He spoke the words in Genesis 2:17?

7.     In comparing Genesis 3:1-7 and Romans 5:12-19, how exactly did the sin
         of Adam and Eve affect you?

8.     On what Scriptural basis can you determine that God did not create man
         as a robot -- that God gave man free will, that is, the ability to make decisions
         and choose his own course of action, to act free and independent even from
         his creator?

9.     There is ONE VERSE in the first three chapters of Genesis that rules out
         the possibility of ANY source of sin in all  creation at the time man was
         created and placed in the Garden of Eden. What verse is it?

10.    The Scriptures clearly teach us that the "Fall of Man" and his development
          of a  "Sin Nature was the result of:

 II.    In light of all that you have studied,  in your own words paraphrase the
         following scriptures.

      (1)     Romans 3:10

       (2)      Romans 3:23


       (3)     Romans 6:23

       (4)     I Samuel 15:22

       (5)    I Samuel 15:23


Conclusion: Hopefully now, you better understand why man is the way he is, and
the Love, Mercy and Grace of God that provides a way for sinful man to be reconciled
to Holy God, our Creator and Heavenly Father.

Next Week: God's Response to Man's Rebellion