Florida Bible Institute
Level One
Lesson Four

Answer Key

Godís Response to Manís Rebellion

1. They saw themselves after they lost their sinless nature and tried through self effort to cover their condition.

2. Godís love, mercy and grace bestowed on them freely, putting their sins to death in the sacrificial
    animal and providing a covering for them.  This was the beginning of the "blood sacrificial" system we find
    in the Old Testament, culminating in Christ Jesus on the Cross.

3.     (1)     God was covering their sin by putting it to death in the sacrificial animal

        (2)     God loves man and hates sin.

        (3)     Because " the life of the flesh is in the blood " (Leviticus 17:11) and God decreed that blood (life) had to be given for sin, the
                  innocent dying for the guilty.

4.     God in the flesh, Jesus, became sin, bore our sins so that when He died, our sins died in Him, then God declared us to be righteous,

5.    The sins of the one offering the animal sacrifice were vicariously transferred to the animal, then, died in the animal when the animal

6.     My sins, and the sins of each and every individual who receives Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, are and were placed on
       Jesus on  the Cross, and were and are put to death in Him.

7.     Because, He was God's only sinless, willing, acceptable blood sacrifice.  The ultimate blood sacrifice
        had to be both "sinless and willing" as Christ Jesus was.  The animals that were used before Christ went
        to the Cross, were sinless in that animals cannot sin, but, they were not willing.  Jesus was both "sinless"
        and "willing".

8.     The sins died in the sacrificial animal's death.

9.     Sins that are confessed by Believers are put to death in Christ Jesus.

10.   The sins of those who come to Christ Jesus as Savior, were placed on Jesus on the Cross at Calvary and put to death in Christ Jesus.
        He paid the sin debt for the Believer, and by faith in His completed action on the Cross.  The repentant sinner is forgiven, justified and
        then, spiritually, is seated in Christ Jesus at the right hand of God the Father.