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Level One
Lesson Ten
Answer Key

                                                                                             A Victorious Life

I.    In this session you were answering questions relating to your reading and understanding of John, Chapter 15.  Following are answers to the questions asked in this session.

1. John 15:3 reveals that reading and mediating on the Word of God has a cleansing effect on the soul/spirit life of the Believer.  It reveals our spiritual flaws and shortcomings.

2. John 15:4 reveals that apart from the Lord Jesus Christ a Believer cannot develop the "Fruit of the Spirit".  The Believer must remain in intimate contact and communion with the Lord Jesus Christ and constantly cleanse their spirit through prayer and by the reading of the Word.

3. John 15:5 reveals that it is only by and through remaining in intimate contact with the Lord Jesus Christ through the reading of the Word and prayer that the Believer can bring forth fruit for the Kingdom of God, and, that without the Lord Jesus Christ, one simply cannot accomplish anything that will stand the test of time and eternity.

4. John 15:4 reveals that to "abide" in Christ Jesus simply means to remain in intimacy through communion with the Lord Jesus Christ through prayer and His Word.

5. Where I abide is where I live. That is where I eat (feed on the Word), drink (from the river of living water), sleep and rest (as I rest in Jesus), have communion with the family members, (as I should with Jesus) and have intimacy (as I should with Jesus). In short, it is where I live and am at peace and rest, if my home is what my home should be!

6. John 15:7 reveals that as I "abide" in Him and His Word "abides" in me, I change.  As I change, my praying changes so that, as a result, I only want "His will" to be done.  And, when I pray those things that are in accordance with "His Will" it shall be done.

7.  Psalms 1:1-3 states the same truth as John 15:7 in a more expanded way.

8.   John 15:7 and Psalms 37:3-5 contain the same truths.

9.   Joshua 1:1-9 gives a very detailed look at how to best fulfill the requirements of John 15:7.

10. The "bottom line teaching" of Psalms 119:11 is that by consistently reading and mediating on the Word of God, I shall be less likely to indulge the flesh, and sin.

11.  Ephesians 4:30 tells us we are not to "grieve" the Holy Spirit.  We "grieve" the Holy Spirit by doing what He is leading us not to do.  We "quench" the Holy Spirit when we do not do what He is leading us to do. 

12.   Ephesians 4:31 reveals we can "grieve" the Holy Spirit, not only by our "actions" but, also by our "attitudes". We can "grieve" Him by not having our "emotions" under control, by our improper responses and reactions to others.  By holding anger, bitterness and resentment towards others.

13.    James 4:17 reveals that when I know what I ought to do, and do not do that which I know is right, I sin, and thereby "grieve" the Holy Spirit.

14.    Yes, most assuredly violating James 4:17 will "grieve" the Holy Spirit.

15     I Peter 5:8 reveals that we, (the Christian or Believer) must be vigilant at all times as the Devil is always looking for a way to get an advantage over us, and cause us to sin in order to destroy our testimonies and/or our lives and families.

16.    Both I Peter 5:8 and John 16:33 speak to the fact that we will encounter hardships, trials and temptations as a result of Satanic attacks.  But, both Revelation 12:11 and John 16:33 as well as numerous other scriptures assure us that in and through Jesus Christ, we can have the victory.  Christ has overcome, and Christ in us assures us we can overcome!

17.    James 4:7-8 relates to I Peter 5:8 in that those scriptures assure the Believer, that as they (1) submit themselves to God and (2) resist the Devil (in that order), that we as Believers can be successful in our resistance to the Devil and lead a victorious life.

18.    Both Philippians 4:13 and I Corinthians 10:13 assure me that I can, in and through Jesus Christ, successfully resist the Devil and lead a victorious life.

19.    Luke 18:1 reveals that in order not to grow weary in the battle and lose heart, we must not falter in our prayer life.  Our entire life should be lived, bathed in prayer.

II.    What were your conclusions?

1.     We can live a life of victory over Satan and sin.

2.     After reading the verses below, we understand that a Believer must read, study and mediate on and apply the Word of God to their life to walk victoriously. 

(1)    Psalms 119:11 informs us that we must remain consistent and constant in our prayer life and in our communion with God to walk victoriously.

(2)    Luke 18:1 informs me that if I remain in intimate communion with Jesus and in His Word, applying His Word to my life, I will be changed, thus my prayers will be changed and my life will be conformed to His will.

(3)    John 15:7 assures me that if I will submit myself to God, bringing every area of my life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, I will be strengthened in my resistance to Satan and can prevail against Satan through the Lord Jesus Christ.

4)    James 4:7 assures me that by submission of my will to the Lord Jesus Christ and by resisting the attacks of the Devil, by refusing to accept his suggestions to my mind regardless of the source, and by resisting his attacks on my mind, I can, in and through Jesus Christ resist every attack of the enemy - and  - he will  have to flee from me. 

For more encouragement, read Philippians 1:6 and 2:13.  The "Victorious Life" is the "Exchanged Life".