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Lesson Ten
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A Victorious Life


Scripture Reading: John 10:1-18; John 15:1-27; I John 5:1-5; Revelation 12:11

Memory Verses: John 10:10; Ephesians 3:20; James 4:7-8 (Choose one)

Lesson Objective: To have a clearer understanding of who you are in Jesus Christ.  To better understand the victorious, overcoming life that can be yours in Jesus Christ.  The very power that created the universe, now indwells you. He wants to be a vital part of your everyday life, to enlighten you, guide you,  and empower you to lead a life of joy, power and victory.

Ask your Heavenly Father to enlighten you, to give you understanding as you study His Word that you might understand the biblical principles of living the life that Christ Jesus died on the cross to secure for you so that you can live victoriously day by day.

Introduction: In our last study, we discovered that our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and that each Believer is actually indwelt by the very Spirit of God.  In this study, we want to better understand how that reality relates to victorious living.

I.    John 15 contains some of the most revealing truths found in scriptures concerning living a victorious life.  Read these
      scriptures prayerfully, carefully and slowly as you answer the following questions.


1.     What truth do you learn from John 15:3?

2.     What truth do you learn from John 15:4?   

3.     What truth do you learn from John 15:5

4.    What do you think "to abide" in Christ means? (John 15:4)

5.    What activities are involved in the place where you "abide" in your physical life now?

6.     What does John 15:7 teach?
7.     How does John 15:7 relate to Psalms 1:1-3?
8.     How does John 15:7 relate to Psalms 37:3-5?

9.     How does John 15:7 relate to Joshua 1:1-9?
10.   In your opinion, what is the "bottom line" teaching of Psalms 119:11?

11.   What commandment is contained in Ephesians 4:30?
12.   In light of Ephesians 4:31, list some of those activities that will "grieve" the Holy Spirit.

13.   What lesson do you learn from James 4:17?

14.   Do you think violating James 4:17 will "grieve" the Holy Spirit?

15.   In your opinion, what does I Peter 5:8 teach the Believer?
16.   How does Revelation 12:11 and John 16:33 relate to the problem stated in I Peter 5:8?
17.   In your opinion, how does James 4:7-8 relate to I Peter 5:8?
18.   How does Philippians 4:13 and I Corinthians 10:13 address I Peter 5:8?

19.   How do you understand the words of Jesus in Luke 18:1?

II.      What are your conclusions?

1.     I _____________ live a life of victory over sin and Satan.

2.     After reading the verses below, state your understanding of the keys to living a life of victory over sin and

          (1)     Psalms 119:11 informs me that:
         (2)     Luke 18:1 reminds me that:

         (3)     John 15:7 assures me that:

         (4)     James 4:7 assures me that:

Conclusion:  Now, all you have to do is live out what the Word of God declares. As you do so, you can walk in joy, peace, happiness, and power even in the midst of the trials of life - which are sure to come.   But, you can walk in victory of self, sin and Satan.

For more encouragement read Philippians 1:6 and 2:13.  The Victorious Life is the "Exchanged Life" submitting and surrending to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in your life, allowing Him to live His life through you!!