Florida Bible Institute
Level One
Lesson Five
Answer Key

"God's Response to Man's Rebellion (Part 2) The Atonement

1. "Atonement" means "to cover, to make reconciliation, to purge away, to reconcile".

2. In Genesis chapter three, God provided the blood sacrifice by which He covered the sin of Adam and Eve.

3. God Himself provided the animal sacrifice.

4. God Himself performed the act of sacrifice.

5. God Himself  provided the sacrifice on the cross, Christ Jesus, His Son.

6. The animal God offered as the sacrifice for Adam and Eve had done nothing deserving of death.

7. Jesus was called prophetically "the Lamb of God" by John for He, Jesus would be the sinless, willing blood  sacrifice of God on the altar,
    the cross.

8. Jesus did nothing that deserved death, He had never sinned  (See John 8:46 - none of those who hated Him most could point out one sin
    anywhere in His life).

9. Hebrews 10:4

II.       Genesis 4:1-5

1. Obviously, Adam and Eve had taught their sons about the necessity of a blood sacrifice as an offering.

2. Cain was the eldest son of Adam and Eve.

3. If Abel the youngest knew the truth of the blood sacrifice offering, surely Cain the eldest also knew that truth.

4. Cain, in ignoring God's requirements for a blood sacrifice for an offering, was trying to please God through self effort.

5. Trying to provide for your own "self righteousness" through "self effort" cannot meet God's requirement for the blood sacrifice.