About Us

“We believe that the cross of Jesus Christ stands at the very center of all that God has ever done, is doing today, or will ever do. Challenge presents the message of the cross, the message of the crucified, resurrected and coming again, Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus, The Christ”

While Pastor Bob Marin is an ordained Southern Baptist Pastor, Challenge is a non-denominational ministry that is involved in a variety of ministries such as:

  • Equipping Christians through in-depth bible studies designed to equip the believer in the Word of God, to prepare them for daily, Godly living and to equip them for ministry.
  • Providing a basic bible education especially for national church planters in foreign countries, but offered as well to those in America who want to become better acquainted with the doctrines of the bible.


Challenge is heavily involved in missions and does so not only alone but also in cooperation with other ministries in which we:

  • For over twenty five years we have been involved in missions 
    in the Philippines.  We have trained hundreds of Filipino Pastors. Church Planters and Church Workers.  In short, we identify, train, equip and support Nationals as they evangelize their own countries. 
  • We presently have a Training Center in Northern Luzon training
    Church Planters, Pastors and Church Workers to plant churches, among tribal groups, to win them to Christ Jesus, then to equip them and make disciples.
  • Challenge also provides care and support for orphans in the Philippines.
  • We are involved in feeding infants from areas of extreme poverty. They are furnished with vitamins, baby food, powdered milk and medications.
  • We are involved in a “Child Feeding Program” for children from areas of extreme poverty. These are pre-school age and receive two meals per day as well as pre-school education.
  • Challenge Ministries conducts prayer retreats for both laity and clergy that are in the words of those who have attended them “life changing" experiences.  These Prayer Retreats were previously conducted by Miss Bertha Smith, a Southern Baptist 
    Missionary to China for many years, and grew out of the Shantung Revival.
  • Challenge Ministries conducts Bible Training through our Florida Bible Institute.  A Certificate of Completion from the Florida Bible Institute can be earned upon completion of the course. All
    training is offered free.  Love offerings are appreciated.
  • All teaching materials provided by Challenge Ministries International are offered on a love offering basis, including any and all “Radio Teaching” CDs requested by radio listeners.
  • MP3 files of Pastor Bob’s latest messages can be accessed from our home page.
  • Challenge does not mail out “fund solicitation” letters and is supported entirely by the local congregation and the gifts and offerings of friends of the ministry.


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