Bible Basic Training

Lesson One


Title: Born A Sinner


Intro: One only has to steal one item regardless of the value of the items stolen to be a thief.  One only has to tell one lie to be a liar. In short, one only has to commit one sin to become a sinner. Sin is a serious matter. Sin separates from God. Sin puts man on a head–on collision course with the judgment of God. Sin has serious consequences. The purpose of the study is to help the student better understand the sinfulness of man, of all men, and God’s attitude toward both sin and sinners. Write out your answer to each question below, thoughtfully considering your response to each question.


1.       In your own words, explain your understanding of Psalm 51:5.


2.       Describe your understanding of Romans 3:23!


3.       What significance does Romans 3:23 have to you?


4.       What is your understanding of Romans 5:12?


5.       What is your understanding of Ezekiel number 18:4?


6.       From your understanding of Luke 16:19 – 31, what is the end result for a sinner?


7.       From your reading of Exodus 20:1 – 17, do you feel that you have sinned?


8.       From your point of view, how does one escape the judgment of God and the penalty that God assigns to sinners.


9.       In John 3:1 – 7 we have an account of a religious leader who came to Jesus seeking truth. What is your understanding of the statement of Jesus to Nicodemus in John 3:3 – 7?


10.     How will you personally avoid the judgment and penalty that God assigns to sinners?