Challenge Ministries Prayer Cell Agenda

Dear Hearts, thank you so much for listening to Challenge on the Radio or

Internet, which ever you may use to hear our message.  And, thank you

for joining us in prayer on behalf of our nation and the Kingdom of God!



PRAYER AGENDA FOR THE MONTH OF        SEPTEMBER                                                                                         


1.    Pray, asking God to stir the hearts of His people to repentance, holiness and intercession.


 2.    Pray, asking God to defeat every strategy of Satan in our nation at this time.   


 3.    Pray, asking God to render all the forces in opposition to His will powerless.


4.    Pray, asking God asking God to give President Trump wisdom and sensitivity to the   Holy Spirit to implement the will of the Father.


5.    Pray, asking God to defeat the Agents of Satan in the Mid-Term Elections.


6.    Pray, asking God to advance the Kingdom of God and to Glorify Himself in answering      these prayers.