Challenge Ministries Prayer Cell

Challenge Ministries Prayer Cell Agenda

Dear Hearts, thank you so much for listening to Challenge on the Radio or

Internet, which ever you may use to hear our message.  And, thank you

for joining us in prayer on behalf of our nation and the Kingdom of God!



PRAYER AGENDA FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST                                                                                         


1.    Pray, asking God to forgive us for our Spiritual Apathy, Spiritual Lethargy, and to fan the Fires of Revival


 2.    Pray, asking God to give President Trump the Judges, Senators and Congressmen that he needs to implement God's will  for this nation at this time.   


 3.    Pray, asking God to to use President Trump to frustrate and defeat the Satanic Agenda of socialism and globalization at this time.


4.    Pray, asking God to replace the agents of Satan in positions of authority and power at all levels of life in our nation with Christ loving, Bible Believing Believer Priests..


5.    Pray, asking God to raise up in this day those that can call the people of God to Repentance, Holiness and Intercessory Prayer.


6.    Pray, asking God to advance the Kingdom of God and to Glorify Himself in answering      these prayers.